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2--Clicker 17 split system is just taking a really good look at the American

wheel and looking for the best numbers to leave open.

I have used this system time in and time out for some really fast hits at

Caesars in Atlantic City.....the split pays 17-1 and all you are doing is

covering the board with a large amount of "chips "

But look at a picture of the American wheel

I always cover the "0 - 00" at all times by splitting them with a chip.

I know for a fact that the "dealers"—"coups" that spin that little ball for

roulette are taught in "coup" school how to release the ball so it will land in

or on those "0 - 00" .... "How do I know that?"

I went as far as to enroll myself into "coup school"—best $2600.00 I ever

spent!!!... So when you hear some "expert" says that it can’t be done!!!-- I’ll

take that bet for sure.

When you play the 2 clicker 17-split system you are going to make a (1) chip

"profit" chip that’s it!!!....but you will get your 17-chips (recycled) back to

you....look at these numbers that I recommend... There in groups of 2 and

they are...( 5-6 & 17-18 )***( 11-12 & 29-30 )***( 19-20 & 31-32 )**......make

sure that those numbers are together when you make your splits that you

leave (open) look at the " wheel" 0-00 are at 12-o’clock and the 5-6-17-

18 are at 3-o’clock & 9-o’clock--(" 2-clicks") together—"get-it?"....leave these

numbers open and not covered by a lay your chips down and the

wheel spins and you win. the coup will put his "marker" on the split that

wins and remove "16"-(losing-chips" you 17-chips and your profit chip

is on the table...when he removes his marker you pick up you winning allot of people say "big-deal" it’s only one chip...I play with

$100.00- chips. so i risk $1700.00 to pick up $100.00-in profit but i go to 9 of

those tables and with one spin I pick up $900.00 in profit ( 3 )--times a week

and i paid off my mortgage years ago on this little system known as the 2--

clicker-17-split system.


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