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Many casual roulette players bet on certain favorite numbers, because they are

entranced by the 35 to 1 odds. The American 0 and 00 roulette wheel gives the casino

a 5.27% advantage, and that poses a considerable challenge to serious players who want to be among the very

small minority of overall net winners. You are about to become familiar with a straight-up

betting strategy specifically designed for the double-zero wheel. The system

should perform even better if applied to the single-zero wheel.

The 35 to 1 System is based on what is known as the "law of uneven distribution". It

is a fact that numbers on a roulette wheel tend to repeat often. During any 38-spin

cycle, not all numbers will appear, but certainly over trials of millions of spins all

roulette numbers will even out.

On average, the same 24 to 26 numbers will appear in 38 spins of the wheel. Rarely, if

ever, will all 38 numbers hit in 38 spins. On average, in 38 spins, about 1/3 of the

numbers will be repeats, meaning that while some numbers are hit two, three, four, or more times, others donít

come up at all. This phenomenon is not theory, itís a proven fact derived from tens of

thousands of spins of a roulette wheel. The interesting thing about this occurrence is

that often the numbers that have been coming up most regularly have a tendency to

keep on doing so. By trial and error experimenting, the inventor of this system has

devised a procedure for capitalizing on this law of uneven number distribution. First,

letís set profit goals and risk limits. Your stake for a single session should be limited

to four times the amount of a win on your smallest bet. For example, if the smallest

bet is $1, the smallest win would be $35. Four times $35 is $140, therefore your

session stake is $140. A $5 minimum bet would require a bankroll of $700. The

minimum profit objective is one-and-a-half times the amount youíre putting at risk. In

other words, if you buy in for $140, your goal is a win of at least $210.You will need a

small notebook, where you have listed all the numbers, from 1 to 36, plus 0 and 00, in a vertical column on the left side of a

page. Stand back from the table and place a tick mark to the right of each number that

hits. At most casinos roulette layouts include a screen that displays the previous 16

or 20 numbers, making the task less time-consuming. Simply tick the numbers already on the screen, and you

have a head start. As soon as you have recorded at least two numbers that have hit

two times you go into action. Bet on all numbers that have come up at least twice, and

keep adding new numbers as they hit a second time, until you have a total of six

different repeat numbers working for you. Do not bet on more than a maximum of six

numbers in a single game.

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Bet the same minimum amount (1 unit) on each of your numbers until one of them

wins. You will be paid 35 to 1 for a total of 36 chips. Now you >bet back your win by

dividing 36 chips over your working numbers. Depending on how many numbers in your stable at the time, you

would place 18 chips on each of two numbers, 12 chips on each of three numbers, 9

chips on each of four numbers, 7 chips on each of five numbers, or 6 chips on each

of six numbers. If you hit two times in a row the payoff will be between 210 and 630

chips! You have achieved your profit objective! Cash in your chips and look for

another table. Youíll find that, on average, youíll hit your win goal

when youíre about halfway through your session money. So if you still have $70 of

your original stake when you win a minimum of $210, you have a total of $280,take

away the $140 you started with, and youíre left with a net profit of $140. At a minimum

you will double your money in every winning session. Overall you should do better than that. If you do not hit two

consecutive times, return to betting only one unit on each of your numbers until

another win materializes, then repeat the >above procedure. The session ends either

when youíve achieved your profit objective, or when your chips are all gone, whichever happens first. Try to position

yourself at the center of the table. From there you can easily reach all the number

fields, in case your repeat numbers are scattered from top to bottom of the layout.

You will find it helps if you choose a busy table, one where bets are spread all over the layout. It will take the

dealer longer to sort and stack chips between spins, giving you more time to make

entries in your notebook and to place your bets, especially after a win, when youíre

trying to spread 36 chips evenly over your working numbers. Be a nice person, make

a one-chip straight-up bet for the dealer once in a while. Ask what number he or she likes and bet a chip for him or

her on that number. Place a second chip for yourself on that same number. Some

dealers have the knack to direct the ball to a certain point on the wheel. Why

not take a chance that your dealer has that skill. I was at one table where the dealer

liked the number 19. I bet his number for him and for me five times, it hit twice! Be

aware that playing this system might attract the attention of the pit boss. He may ask

you to leave if he suspects your system play is not likely to benefit the casino. To avoid running the risk of being

asked to leave, choose a busy table where you will be less noticed, and move to another table,

or even another casino after a winning session. 

No betting system is infallible. Thatís why you set a loss limit and a win goal before

you start. This 35 to 1 System has a realistic potential for worthwhile profits, even if

you only win 50 percent of all your sessions. Relative to the amount of risk involved,

the 35 to 1 System may be your best bet against the double-zero roulette wheel.

Numbers Chips Pay out Lost Bets Profit

2 18 630 -18 612

3 12 420 -24 396

4 9 315 -27 288

5 7 245 -28 217

6 6 210 -30 180

[One chip was not used with the five number bet

because five does not divide evenly into 36.] 


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