Breakdown of Types of Slots
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For such an easy to understand game, slots can be awfully complicated to get your head around if youíre new to the game. Donít worry though, just check out this handy infographic (courtesy of Betfair Casino) that gives you a detailed breakdown of all the different types of slot out there. The important thing to bear in mind is how the game has evolved over the years, from the mechanical reels to the video screen and finally to your smartphone and computer, while slots has retained its core identity itís not as simple as sticking a coin in a slot and spinning the reels. Nowadays you can have machines that are Multi Pay-line, you can win on a vertical line, a diagonal, the options are varied and itís always worth seeing what the game has on offer.  However it is roulette that still dominates the casinos in modern day Las Vegas. It is also one of the oldest casino games originating from the 18th century but roulette has never been as popular as it is today worldwide. The same goes for the jackpot, some games offer whatís called a progressive jackpot where every time someone plays, a little bit gets added to the total. This can be a great way to win big without much time invested, but you may be confused the first few times if a game you thought offered a huge pay-out has reset and you have to wait a bit. For more information on these and other kinds of game, read on and see what you have to look forward to!