FOUR SPIN ROULETTE - a roulette system
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Very simple... you merely bet one unit on each of the last four numbers that

have come out (including the immediate last one). All 4 spins must be by the

same dealer. Start with the spin after you watch a winner and stop when you

lose two times in a row, or if there is a change of dealer at any time before

that. This (as described above) is substantially modified as of September 29,

2000. The key to this is dealer bias, therefore you must be sure to qualify

the dealer and not the table. I will clarify this in the details below. The major

problem with this strategy is being able to jump into the game and out of it

at the time that the dealer qualifies. You may want to consider playing at two

different levels. You may wish to bet something like the black or red before

last for the table minimum as a bet to only remain at your place at the table,

and then this method for $5 or more on each number when the dealer

qualifies. It could sometimes take an hour or more to qualify and then you

may only make two bets if they both lose. Then you would go back to your

waiting for a new qualification. You should be able to

do this with a $100 bankroll (using $5 units for this method of play). That

would allow $80 for this method, plus $20 to keep your place at the roulette

table. If you lose, then you have lost the $100, or most of it. If you win, then

you will win 32 units on that bet (35 minus the 3 which you lose, and the one

unit on the winning number will remain there for the next bet).

If these are $5 units, then you will pick up $145 (which is your $100 bankroll

plus an additional $45) and still have $20 on the table for your next bet. If

that also wins, then the same thing will happen again.

Details: You are at the table and one number spins... say it is 15. No bet is

made. Then letís say that the second spin that you observe is 17. No bet is

made. The third spin is 31. No bet is made. The fourth spin is 2, so after you

observe the fourth spin, you would still not bet. The next spin is 31 (again)...

you now have qualified this dealer. It is important that if

they have changed dealers, you must start over from the beginning!!! One of

the last 4 numbers has come out while s/he was spinning the wheel. So, for

the next ONE spin you would bet one unit each on 15,17,2,31 (drop the first

31 and keep the rest of the numbers, adding 31 to the end). The next spin is

5. You lose. So your next bet would be 17,2,31,5 (one unit each). The next

spin is 2. You win and win 32 chips plus the one that remains on number 2.

The next bet is on 17,31,5,2. The next spin is 8. You lose. The next bet is on

31,5,2,8. The next spin is 12. You lose this second bet after the win. Leave the

table (or go back to playing your method for holding your place at the table)

and wait until either this dealer or another one qualifies again. If there is a

change of dealers while you are betting on this strategy, you are to

immediately stop betting (or re-start your count) and qualify the new dealer

(even if you won with him in a prior session). If there is a board that tells you

the past numbers, then you can start by watching the numbers on that

board. I call this board a "Marquis." Follow the same rules as above. It is

important that you qualify the dealer and not the wheel. Start over every

time that there is a change of dealer or two consecutive losses. This is

essential when you are using this strategy.

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