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In the Martingale roulette system, each bet is doubled after a loss, and you go back to your starting bet after every win. You will win one unit for every win, as long as you have enough money and do not get to the house limit. Once you reach the online casino house limit, then you will lose the house percentage because there is noplace else to go.

There are many variations of Martingale roulette system, and it can be used with other methods. For example, you can use a three-stage Martingale of 10-20-40 combined with betting that the decision before the last one will repeat.... or bet that the FIRST shooter (only) will throw a pass (or don't pass). In this latter one you are betting only one bet on each shooter.

Some people add one or more units to each of the doubled bets with this
Roulette Strategy. Others will change to a parlay after a certain point (let the first bet "ride" on the second bet after a win) and bet the amount that it takes to win what you want to win. Another variation would be to split it up and then win it back one part at a time.... there are many variations of Martingale roulette system, with which people swear they are winning.

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In a message dated 12/6/2005 8:43:15 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Hi Robert,

Thank you for new ideas. I am testing now the Goldmine Roulette System. I want to have it tested on at least 2000 spins. It takes time. Actually, the goldmine roulette and the secret roulette must be done by the same creator. The same ideas and both systems work. Only the secret roulette betting system is too dangerous to play.  But if you are lucky you can make a $1,000 an hour with either betting system. It's risky but rewarding (kamikaze?). I want to tell you something about some other system called "Helper Roulette". It is so simple that I didn't believed first time what results I got! You start to play first 7 numbers which come for 5 repetitions with weak progression. 1-1-1-2-2 = 7 x 7 = 49 chips. If you won or lose after 5 repetitions you start again and so on. You play maximum 60 to 70 spins because after that amount of spins the numbers change and you would lose. After 70 spins you just take a new 7 numbers and play happily other 60 to 70 spins. I played 21 games at 73 spins and I won 16 and lost 5 games (loss -49). All together I won 149 chips at 73 spins. You just repeat to play the same numbers, don't change them for 60/70 spins! The numbers repeat all the time. I don't know why but it is remarkable system.
Loss 5x = -49 chips; first # win = +30 chips; second # win = +23; third # win = +16; fourth # win = +38; fifth # win = +24.
Try it and let me know if you got to the same results as I got. You will be suprised when you win more than 70 %. Unbelievable.
Have a nice day,