The truth about the most popular roulette systems sold online and which ones to avoid...


I have been playing and buying roulette systems for many years and I am often asked for my personal recommendations regarding roulette systems. I get the same questions over and over: What is your honest opinion on whether or not any of the systems sold online are really worth it? If these systems really work, why are they wasting their time selling them for just a few dollars when they could be making more money using them?

EVERYBODY wonders these things, and that is why I offer free ebook and reviewing popular roulette systems, their strategies and which ones donít work. This information will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, wasted on buying systems that just donít deliver! Make sure you read to the END for my suprising discovery.


System:  Casino Buster
Retail $179

Strategy: Casino Buster is basically a guessing game. What you're told to do is divide the table into  the six lines, 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, etc. You then look at the last 8-10 numbers that showed and see what section they hit in and try to guess the next section to hit based on the pattern of the previous numbers. Too much guessing and most often times you guess WRONG.

Does it work? If youíre a good guesser.

Is it easy to use? Not really,  depending how smart you are.



System:  Alessandro Diodoro and Ludica Roulette Systems
Retail $1000-$12,000

Strategy:  To steal your money! You can see his website for a description of his systems. First off, this guy has had many different sites over the years. Why does he keep needing to change the web addresses? Take a look at this post made on 12/27/00 by a customer of his by the name of Kelley:

Dear people,

This is a message to hopefully help some of you from wasting your hard earned money and time.
In mid July of 2000, I came across a site titled Ludomeccanica Roulette, a man named Alessandro Diodoro was selling many systems that seemed promising. I purchased the Epocals 5-8 for $1500 and tested it. It does not produce a profit in the long term, so I sent Mr. Diodoro a few of my tests showing him that his $1500 dollar system was not very good.

High pressure shower head.

He in turn emailed me saying that he felt my needs and tested his Personal System. He told me that with his Personal System he would lose only 1 game every 300 to 400 games. He also said that he had only came to the 11th spin in the system once in all the years of testing it and had not ever reached the 12th spin. And this meant in reality he had not ever lost a single game with his Personal System. He said that this system would be a security to me. And by the way he described it, it would be. After making a deal with Alessandro and sending him the first payment for his Personal System, he sent to me the system and I began testing.

My tests were very poor so I thought that I had misunderstood how to use his system. Upon review Alessandro told me I was a liar. I am not a liar. And this system lost about 1 game every 30 to 40 games. Mr. Diodoro then told me that he had actually not sent to me his best Personal System, the one that loses only 1 game in every 300 to 400 games, he had NEVER lost with it, etc.... but he would once I had made all of my payments. To me it was alot of money that I owed Mr. Diodoro, and though he had deceived me by not sending the system he described, I told him I would finish paying him out of my weekly pay check. The original deal was that I was going to pay off the system very quickly, and the money I would use to pay him would come directly from winnings of his system.
Alessandro remodified our deal and I only had to pay him a total of $3400. This was the original $1500 from the Epocals 5-8, my first payment of $900, and a last payment of $1000. With the Western Union charges it was $3630.82.

After sending him my last payment of $1000, he sent his best Personal System. My tests showed that in 302 games, all spins from the Hamburg site, that this system he had never lost with, came to spin 11 three times. And lost 4 games. This equaled a $3900 loss. These tests also gave his system a very large benefit by not playing double games as outlined in his system because in the first 143 games, playing double games as the system said I could do I had one game to spin 11, one to spin 12, and 4 losses. While doing these tests Alessandro tried to sell me more of his unbeatable systems. I sent to him some spins to test on these new systems he was offering, but he told me if I sent him a million spins his systems would always win.

So I sent to Mr. Diodoro the tests on his best Personal System and asked for a full refund. This seemed like a reasonable request. He has been unwilling to refund my money and stopped answering my emails. Now it has come to my having to contact an attorney. Hopefully this will help inform you to the way Mr. Diodoro does business, and keep you from making the same mistakes I have in trusting him and wasting alot of time in the process.

Does it work? Obviously not and he will take your money and change his website and email address as he has done so many times before! 



System:  Barbi System
Retail $100

Strategy: The site boasts about 4 main systems ranging from the old Barbi to the new U.K. Barbi. Most of the information on their CD is redundant and difficult to read, much like their website. Nevertheless, one of their main systems is what they call 10/9 single street system. All you do is put a bet on each one of 9-10 of the 12 streets, hence covering most of the table. Of course, the ONE time it hits in a street youíre not covering, youíre wiped out. The regular Barbi system calls for you to place two to three units on a combination of streets, lines and quads. There is no progression, so when it hits on a section your not covering there is no way to make up for your losses, so youíre only chance is to be right most of the time.

Does it work? Temporarily.

Is it easy to use? Yeap.



System:  Target Roulette
Retail $49.97

Strategy:  This system calls for you to chart numbers as they show until you get a line (6 number combo) that has hit 3 times in one street  and 1 time in an adjacent street. You begin by betting this line for a series/progression of up to 18 bets. The progression goes like this: 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 4, 4, 4, 8, 8, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, and 20. If after the first group of 4 bets youíre line doesnít hit, you change to the next line (6 number combo) that has shown for next series of bets and so on. Your bankroll using $5 units is $595 and although this system has a 98% win rate, when you do get a loss, due to the high bankroll, you will lose anything that you won up to that point and often more.

Does it work? Yes, it does most of the time. But again, that 2% of the time you do lose is enough to wipe out your bankroll. Bummer.

Is it easy to use? If you donít mind charting.



System:  Don Youngís Infallible Roulette System
Retail $10,000 for all 7 steps (the nerve)
Retail $1,000 for first 4 steps

Strategy: This system is based on the theory that: First, some numbers will come up more than others. Second, some areas of the wheel will run more than others. Third, numbers will form running patterns.  It allows you to locate when the wheel is running in a particular area and determine from past and present results which numbers are the strongest. Then following a set of rules you narrow it down to generally playing one or two numbers three times.

Below is a general overview and gives you a good idea of what the system is about. Here is a reprint of the special BASICS OF THE MASTERS SYSTEM version that I have:
First procedure: Memorize the roulette wheel (takes one hour) so you will recognize when a group of numbers are coming up that are close together on the wheel.  Whenever it appears a group might be together do the following:

1. Consider the last number on the marquee (neon strip that gives the last eighteen numbers spun) and check two right and two left of that number. If these hot wheel numbers are three out of the last five spins you are ready to proceed.
2. Compute each of these hot wheel numbers to see if it had been up an additional time within eighteen spins. If so you are ready to play the numbers qualifying for both rules. (Generally one or two numbers).
Skip one spin and play the qualifying numbers three times or until you win.  Wait for the next set of qualifiers.
Example: last five spins are 29-11-24-25-10.
Looks like three of five might be close so you check the last number which is 10.
Two right and left of ten are 25-29 and 27-00. Numbers 10-25 and 29 meet our requirements.  In checking back on the marquee you find that number 25 has been up another time in the past 18 spins. After skipping one spin --- Play number 25 only for three times or until you win. After playing stop and wait for a new play.

Does it work? Yes, if you can wait long enough to make a play, memorize the wheel and afford the price of $1000 for the first four steps and $10,000 for all seven.The people who pay big money for the system and learn the wheel claim it works, but requires patience.

Is it easy to use? It depends on what you consider easy. Of course, if you know the wheel perfectly, then you can do well. You are investing time in place of money. Very few learn the wheel perfectly, not to mention the long break even periods and the patience required before you get a play.



System:  Power Roulette
Retail $1,250

Strategy: This method uses a chart to try and figure out which section of the wheel is hitting. It has a low bankroll requirement and wins about 85% of the time. But it is NOT mechanical. It takes quite a bit of practice and experience to get good at selecting the correct section. Although the chart gives you a good indication, but it is not an exact indicator.

Does it work? Yes, about 85% of the time, if youíre good.

Is it easy to use? It is easy to use but not easy to learn. 



System:  Tom Utley
Retail $99

Strategy: After charting the wheel for about two hours, you play the first 12 numbers to hit 5 times each. You play these 12 numbers for a progression of up to 12 times, stopping when one of the numbers show.

Does it work? Yes it does, but you cannot play with $1 or $5 units because the bankroll would be way to large, nearly $2000 in fact.

Is it easy to use? Yes and no. The strategy is simple but charting for two hours and playing 12 numbers for a progression of 12 is just too tedious. We still want to have fun.




System:  Roulette Secrets Revealed
Retail $39.95

Strategy: This system plays a single dozen for a progression. It does work well except for that sometimes when playing live it goes to the 9th and 11th bets. And this strategy will not work online because  it is not unusual for an online casino to skip a dozen 15-20 times with the maximum bet being $350. You would reach the maximum bet before your dozen ever hits.

Does it work? Yes, until it goes to the 11th bet and beyond. If youíre playing live and have a big enough bankroll, and donít mind placing a $350 bet on a dozen, then this would work for you. If you plan to play online, this would eventually fail.

Is it easy to use? Yes.



System:  Roulette Bucks
Retail $47

Strategy: This system is based on betting on repeat numbers. It works like this, if the number 36 shows you start by placing one unit on 36. If the next number to show is 33, you place one unit on both numbers 36 and 33. If 12 now appears, you place one unit on each of 36, 33 and 12 and so on. After the 7th bet you put two units on each number and this goes on for up to 12 spins. The progression is 1 to 6 units for up to 12 spins. If one of your numbers hit you make a small profit and start over from the beginning. They also mention that you should wait until you have three repeats within 14 spins to start betting.

Does it work? Temporarily, but not as often as it should to produce a profit long-term. This is another one of those short-term win, long-term loss systems.

Is it easy to use? Yes.



System:  System 99
Retail $69

Strategy:  All you do is play two of the three dozens or two of three columns, which ever did not hit last for up to 5 bets. The progression is

Does it work? No. In my testing, it went over the 5 bets on the very first try. Too much money risked for such a poor strategy.

Is it easy to use? Sure, and easy to lose.



System:  Relaxed Roulette
Retail $300

Strategy: Hereís the basics: You always bet on TWO dozens at once. Those two dozens are the LAST TWO ones that just came out, as long as they are different. If they are not different, you donít place a bet until you get a couple of dozens that are different. The progression:  BEFORE you start your first bet, you write down the number 1. You'll bet 1 unit on each dozen (so 2 units total). When you win your first bet, you circle this number and that's also the amount you've won. If you lose your first bet, you'll add the number 1 twice (because you lost TWO units) to the right side of the first number 1, which gives you THREE numbers 1 in a row. The next bet will be THE SUM of the two OUTSIDE numbers, 1+1=2 on EACH of the dozens. If you win now, youíll circle these two numbers (the left one and the right one) and you'll see that there is still one number left. You have to bet that one number on each dozen (so 2 units total). If you win this bet, all units are gone and you've concluded your one unit winning.

Does it work? In my testing, it only worked temporarily and would have losing streaks, like most systems of this kind.

Is it easy to use? Has quite a few rules. Ease of use would be average.



To sum it all up, I have found that there are a few systems that work, but they had their drawbacks like needing a huge bankroll, charting for extended periods of time or being difficult to use. They include Don Youngís Infallible System, Power Roulette, Tom Utley System and even Roulette Secrets Revealed. I have found only one system that addresses all of these issues and yet STILL PRODUCES A PROFIT!
It's called the Goldmine Roulette System, and you can get more information by clicking here.

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