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Date: October 5, 2015 12:48:14 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Robert O.)
To: (General Roulette Gambling & Topic Discussion List)

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Hi guys,
Keeping it a secret isn't going to make a rich old woman any richer, so here it is.
Shower Roulette was designed by a guy I know at the casino.
He has kindly agreed, that I can pass this on to you guys, free of charge.
Of course this is after I put a lot of high pressure on him to reveal the shower roulette technique. His initial trial returned approximately $12,000 within 15 games.
I joined him on the remainder of his trial together with 2 other helpers.
Because of the tampering with wheels and possible change of balls overnight, it was designed to pick up any bias in a wheel as early as possible on the day, and get on the numbers before they come out on their good runs.


1. Record the results of 60 spins off 4 different tables, this is so that you can be certain that one wheel will qualify.

2. As the numbers come out place a mark next to each number on your scorecard wheel diagram.

3. Do your final up date after 60 spins, then quickly select the wheel which you will be playing.

4. Select one of the wheels where at least 4 numbers, together on the wheel, have come out at least twice.
This group must be bordered, immediately on both sides by a number that has only been out a maximum of once.

5. You may have only 4 numbers in a group like this or even 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 numbers together.
You may also have 2 groups like this, on the same wheel.
What you do is bet on all the numbers in the group, or groups, immediately, straight up for the next 30 spins.

6. Do not select a table where there are more than 2 groups.

7. Each group must include at least 1 number that has been out at least 3 times.
If you have a group of 4 or 5 numbers and they have all been out just twice, avoid this one.

8. A group that has 6 or 7 numbers must have at least 3 numbers that have been out at least 3 times.
A group with 8 or 9 numbers must have at least 4 numbers that have been out at least 3 times.

9. Do not go past 30 spins, because this has been calculated so that if you are playing 4 numbers, as an example, and they each come out just once, you will still be up in profit.
Should there be a possibility of a bad run developing then this will prevent too much damage to your bank.

10. Put all your winnings back into your bank.

11. Start with a $500 bank, with a backup of $500 if you are starting off playing with $5 chips.
If you are starting off playing with $2 chips then you would need a bank of $200, with backup of $200.
This backup is just incase you hit a poor run during your initial start up.Later on, your ever increasing bank, should cover any slip ups.

12. Every time you double your bank double your bet.
When your bank has reached $3,000, play every game there after with $25 chips, unless the bank drops below $2,500 after the 30 spins have been played, in which case go back to $20 chips.

good shower headsIf you have any questions, read through the rules again step by step and it should be pretty clear.

What did we find?

Only once did any of the games fail to get a winning spin.
In this game 4 numbers qualified and none of them came out resulting in a 120 unit loss.

The biggest winning game was when 8 numbers qualified and we had 14 winning spins which gave us a profit of 264 units.

The best winning run with the shower head roulette system was more than $10,500 profit in the first 8 games, starting with $5 chips and increasing the bets as the bank rose.

Would the wins have continued after 30 spins?
We actually didn't look too far into this, but did notice on some of the good results, they would have continued for up to another 90 spins, had play continued.

Most of the poorer chosen sections did not show any promise if play had continued on them.

Why didn't we continue?
The four of us became a little familiar as the days went by playing most games with $25 chips.
We started to notice a lot of oddball results on a lot of the scoreboards that we were monitoring, which made us suspicious and it didn't help us in identifying the correct numbers to play.
We also noticed on some of the later games we were playing, that the speed of the ball and wheel seemed to slow right down, something a bias wheel player doesn't want.
Were these 2 things just coincidence, we don't know, but we will probably give it another run one day.

If you want to do a paper run, only play it against results that you have personally collected from individual wheels. You may feel high pressure from the casino.
Don't bother with numbers out of books for this shower system.

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