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Seen these before, but there probably isnít too many new ones out there. Donít go thinking my systems are unique or fantastic. Like I said, itís not the system, but the money management that is important. Let me explain before you read the systems. There are just so many ways to bet in roulette. Single numbers, splits, 3 number lines, 4 number quads, 5 number, 6 number line bets, 12 number 1/3ís, 12 number columns, 18 number (high/low, red, black, odd, even).

What this means is "How conservative or risky do you want to bet?" "What recovery rate Is feasible to you?" among other things. Less risk? Bet 35 numbers, but recovery is to win 35 times in a row if you lost once. High risk and high return? Bet one number. In reality, there are bets in-between that satisfy most people for the style THEY like to play. Thatís why I Donít push my style onto others. It may not work for you or youíre not in the right place at the right Time can live and survive quite nicely on 80% or 50% return on my money, with low risk, confidence Of winning and enjoy myself without getting stressed out. The systems that I use are not new, nor unique, but what matters are HOW I use them, or any other. I enjoy the comfort of betting on 63% of the numbers for a 50% return. Even the banks donít give me 50% interest on my money. The recovery rate is acceptable, meaning I have to win twice to make up a losing bet. At the high rollers table past weekend, I was betting 4 $25 chips on 4 lines (63% of the numbers). The 4 lines are the ones that make up 13-36 on the board. I know I have almost 75% chance of winning every spin, itís easy for me to know what numbers Iím on (teens, twenties and thirties when the dealer says the winning number), easy for me to reach on the layout, but more importantly, on a 0/00 wheel in Atlantic City, if 0/00 come out, I only lose Ĺ of my outside bet. What outside bet do you say? Well, I bet one chip on the 13-17 and 3 chips on the outside bet of 18-36. This way I donít have to worry as much about 0/00.

Increase your bets (when you do) of (2 chips and 6 chips), then (3\chips and 9 chips), etc. By the way, high numbers came out 22 times in a row, (which is not unusual) with 0/00 twice. I go for the streaks. MANY, MANY often every day. Very rarely does it go high, low, high, low, etc for very long.


The second system is to bet the 3 line bets of 0,00,1,2,3 and 7,8,9,10,11,12 and 25,26,27,28,29,30. Iím sure you know this one also as it covers two huge wedges on the wheel layout - mark the numbers off on the wheel. Again, itís the money management that matters. Most people know where to bet, just not HOW to bet. Increasing at the right time, decreasing at the right time. I think a form of this is the way that $2000 system goes. Add in one more line bet of six numbers (Iíd use the six line that contains the last number won) and youíre covering 23 numbers or 60% of the wheel. If one of the 4 line bet wins (25% of your bet) you get 300% return {SAMPLE - 4 - $25 bets is $100. After a 1-chip line bet wins, you have 6 chips (600% of your bet) but subtracting the other 3 chips lost from the 6 chips would be 3 chip win on the 1 chip line bet or 300%. Figures work with that system clues. Anyway the last system I use is to bet a $5 chip on the 6 number line bet that the last winning number came in on. If I win, I have 6 chips. If I lose bet a $5 chip on EACH of the last two lines that won. If I win, I have 5 chips. If I lose, bet 2 chips ($10) on each of the last three lines that contain the last 3 winning numbers. If I win, I get double my money. If I lose I bet $25 on each of the last 4 lines that won. I still get a profit if I win. If I lose, start over. All easy, known betting systems. Sorry, no rabbit out of a hat trick. Just basics. I donít like complex systems that take a long time to figure out where to bet or progressive systems that lose your money faster.

Have a good day.

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